The Etiquette

The Etiquette sets out all the rules of behavior that a player has to respects and are characterized by the fact that they do not lead to penalty in case they are not respected. This is what should make them stronger as they summarize the “etiquette” of Golf: the respect for other players and the course.


Good manners, courtesy and mutual respect are the basic rules of community life at the club house.  In accordance with the rules of golf, any behavior going against this principles are prohibited inside the club house and might be punished.

The Direction will have the right to apply sanctions accordingly to the interiors rules.



During a game, friendly or competitive, there are few safety rules to follow. First, we must in any case the players from the previous game can be reach by the bast shot. On the tee at test shots, the player must verify that none of them can not reach a partner but also the projections of dirt or gravel do not reach any of the players. After hitting a shot, if the ball dangerously go towards other players, the golfer must shout “ball” or “fore” to warn of danger.


One of the most important rules of etiquette lies in the pace of play to avoid slow play. A first principle is to walk at a correct speed, an 18 hole course has to be finished in less than 4 hours and 30 minutes. If a party falls behind a hole franc compared to the one before, it must invite the part to pass if it is faster, and this regardless of the number of players. One or two test shots are sufficient as a large number of tests favor slow play.

Another principle: a player must always be ready to play his ball. Therefore, a golfer can prepare his stroke while another plays his, within the limits of safety rules. The bag, trolley or golf buggy must always be placed the closer to the next tee as soon as you arrive on the green. A party shall not dwell on the green and scores must be marked at the next tee.

The best choice possible when a ball may be lost or declared off limits is to play a provisional ball to avoid having to return to the place of the previous move to replay. In all cases, a stray ball must not be sought for more than 5 minutes; beyond, the player must declare it lost by applying the correct procedure and the appropriate penalty.


A golfer must respect his playing partners and other players from other parties playing on the course at the same time. Indeed, he should in no way speak, make noise, move or do something that could disturb another player hitting his ball. Mobile phones should be banned or at least turned off before the party starts, wether one is a player, coach of the part (caddie) or spectator.


When a divot or a piece of grass is removed when striking the ball, the player has to put it back after his shot. Similarly the bunkers must be raked after the shot.

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