Aremiti is proud to be the official passengers, cars and freight carrier of the Green Pearl Golf Course. The company Aremiti  is pleased to provide to the Green Pearl Golf Course guests, a ships at the forefront of technology to serve the sister island. Preferential packages including Green Fee and transportation Tahiti- Moorea are also available at the Aremiti ticket office.

For more information , visit Aremiti online.

SRIXON is proud to be the official supplier of equipment and golf accessories for the Green Pearl Golf Course with the new Z355 series. Worldwide renowned for its quality golf equipment, SRIXON offers to the Green Pearl Golf Course customers the best of its products. Also find the SRIXON practice balls for a quality training as well as golf clubs SRIXON for a better game.  

For more information , visit SRIXON Europe online or Progolfshoptahiti online

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